Kenyan Shilling

Kenyan Shilling

The shilling (Swahili: shilingi; sign: KSh; code: KES) is the currency of Kenya. It is divided into 100 cents.



The euro (sign: €; code: EUR) is the official currency of the European Union and its territories. Currently, 19 of 28 member states use the euro; this group of states is known as the eurozone or euro area. It is the second largest and second most traded currency in the foreign exchange market after the United States dollar. The euro is subdivided into 100 cents. The currency is also officially used by the institutions of the European Union and its territories, four other European countries, as well as unilaterally by two others, and is consequently used daily by some 343 million Europeans as of 2018. Outside Europe, a number of overseas territories of EU members also use the euro as their currency. Additionally, 290 million people worldwide as of 2018 use currencies pegged to the euro. The euro is the second largest reserve currency as well as the second most traded currency in the world after the United States dollar. As of August 2018, with more than €1.2 trillion in circulation, the euro has one of the highest combined values of banknotes and coins in circulation in the world, having surpassed the U.S. dollar.The name euro was officially adopted on 16 December 1995 in Madrid. The euro was introduced to world financial markets as an accounting currency on 1 January 1999, replacing the former European Currency Unit (ECU) at a ratio of 1:1 (US$1.1743). Physical euro coins and banknotes entered into circulation on 1 January 2002, making it the day-to-day operating currency of its original members, and by May 2002 it had completely replaced the former currencies. While the euro dropped subsequently to US$0.83 within two years (26 October 2000), it has traded above the U.S. dollar since the end of 2002, peaking at US$1.60 on 18 July 2008. In late 2009, the euro became immersed in the European sovereign-debt crisis, which led to the creation of the European Financial Stability Facility as well as other reforms aimed at stabilising and strengthing the currency.

19300 Kenyan Shilling to Euro in Frankfurt FAQs

What is 19300 KES to EUR in Frankfurt?

The meaning of 19300 Kenyan Shilling to Euro in Frankfurt is to exchange 19300 KES to EUR by applying the latest currency rate in FRANKFURT,HE,DE. The actual exchange rates you can get vary between different bureau de changes and the chart below is the latest inter-market exchange rates in Frankfurt.

Who can convert 19300 KES to EUR in Frankfurt?

Anyone with 19300 Kenyan Shilling can find a bank or a bureau de change in Frankfurt to convert into Euro. However, if neither KES nor EUR is the local currency in FRANKFURT,HE,DE. It might be quite difficult to find a money exchange to faciliate the exchange. That's why we are offering the details about local currency exchanges to save your time of searching around for the right place.

When to exchange 19300 KES to EUR in Frankfurt?

Due to the nature of the forex market, the exchange rates for 19300 KES to EUR in Frankfurt is changing all the time in New York between 01:00 pm – 10:00 pm GMT; at 10:00 pm GMT Sydney comes online; Tokyo opens at 00:00 am and closes at 9:00 am GMT; and to complete the loop, London opens at 8:00 am and closes at 05:00 pm GMT. So the currency rate you see in this page may change any minute. It's better to lock in the exchange rates with your local money changers in FRANKFURT,HE,DE so that you won't be affected for any future rate changes.

Why do I want to convert 19300 KES to EUR in Frankfurt?

Most likely you are traveling and want to get some Euro cash in Frankfurt. Or you've just came back from a recent trip or received cash transfer from overseas in FRANKFURT,HE,DE. There are many reasons to convert 19300 KES to EUR in Frankfurt. And we believe you should be getting the best exchange rate available in Frankfurt to exchange the currency.

Where to exchange 19300 KES to EUR in Frankfurt?

Usually you can find a local bank, post office or bureau de change to exchange 19300 KES to EUR in Frankfurt. But you will soon find out that the exchange rates you can find at all thoses places vary by a lot. It's better to be prepared before hand and do your research about the local forex brokers in Frankfurt. That's the exact reason why we are doing the homework for you to find the best local bureau de change in Frankfurt to avoid being ripped off. All you need to do is input the amount of Euro you want to buy or sell and we will show you where to find the best rate in FRANKFURT,HE,DE. No forex exchange commissions or fees required!

How to convert 19300 KES to EUR in Frankfurt?

Use the tool we provided here to find the best exchange rates for 19300 KES to EUR in Frankfurt. Lock in the rate by contacting the broker directly by phone or message. And go to the branch with 19300 Kenyan Shilling in hand then exchange the cash you want in store or online. It's just that simple with no fees or commissions from us!

Best KES/EUR rate at ReiseBank in Frankfurt

Sorry, latest currency exchagne rate for KES/EUR at ReiseBank in Frankfurt is not found.


The ReiseBank AG is a bank specializing in the foreign currency dealing, precious metals and travel payment business (including traveler's checks), which is headquartered in Frankfurt am Main. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of the DZ Bank and part of the cooperative financial group.[2]

ReiseBank in Frankfurt

ReiseBank AG - Frankfurt/Main Baseler Straße
ReiseBank AG - Frankfurt/Main Hauptbahnhof 1
ReiseBank AG - Frankfurt/Main Hauptbahnhof 2
ReiseBank AG - Frankfurt Messe
ReiseBank AG - Frankfurt / Main Flughafen 2
ReiseBank AG - Frankfurt/Main Flughafen 1
ReiseBank AG - Frankfurt/Main Flughafen 4
ReiseBank AG - Frankfurt/Main Flughafen 5
ReiseBank AG - Frankfurt/Main Flughafen 7

Best KES/EUR rate at Exchange AG in Frankfurt

19300 Kenyan Shilling to Euro in Frankfurt
19300 Kenyan Shilling = 122.930 Euro
Exchange KES at Exchange AG to EUR in FRANKFURT,HE,DE
19300 Kenyan Shilling = 122.930 Euro
38600 Kenyan Shilling = 245.860 Euro
96500 Kenyan Shilling = 614.650 Euro
193000 Kenyan Shilling = 1229.299 Euro
Exchange Kenyan Shilling at Exchange AG to Euro in Frankfurt
Exchange AG
Exchange AG

Geldwechsel und Geldtransfer

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Exchange AG in Frankfurt

Kaiser Str. 69
60329 Frankfurt
Tel: +49 069 - 23 19 06
Fax: +49 069 - 24 24 72 94
E-Mail: [email protected]
Mo. - Fr.:
09:00 - 18:00 Uhr
10:00 - 16:00 Uhr
Filialleiter Herr Frühwirth - Filiale Frankfurk am Main
Herr Frühwirth

Best KES/EUR rate at Commerzbank in Frankfurt

Sorry, latest currency exchagne rate for KES/EUR at Commerzbank in Frankfurt is not found.


Commerzbank AG is a major German bank operating as a universal bank, headquartered in Frankfurt am Main. In the 2019 financial year, the bank was the second largest in Germany by the total value of its balance sheet.[4]. The bank is present in more than 50 countries around the world and provides almost a third of Germany's trade finance.[5]. In 2017, it handled nearly 13 million customers in Germany and more than 5 million customers in Central and Eastern Europe. Commerzbank is a member of the Cash Group.

Commerzbank in Frankfurt

0,40 KM
Roßmarkt 14
60311 Frankfurt am Main
0,50 KM
Zeil 53
60313 Frankfurt am Main
0,57 KM
Kaiserstr. 16
60311 Frankfurt am Main
0,64 KM
Frankfurt am Main
Kaiserstr. 30
60311 Frankfurt am Main
0,78 KM
Gallusanlage 2
60329 Frankfurt am Main
0,83 KM
Opernplatz 6
60313 Frankfurt am Main
0,83 KM
Frankfurt-Schweizer Straße
Schweizer Str. 27
60594 Frankfurt am Main
0,24 KM
Hypovereinsbank AG
Friedrich-Stoltze-Platz 1
60311 Frankfurt am Main
0,44 KM
Goetheplatz 4-6
60311 Frankfurt
0,46 KM
Deutsche Bank
Zeil 57
60313 Frankfurt am Main
0,50 KM
Zeil 90
60313 Frankfurt
0,51 KM
Deutsche Bank
Roßmarkt 18
60311 Frankfurt am Main
0,67 KM
Hypovereinsbank AG
Taunustor 1-3
60310 Frankfurt am Main
0,67 KM
Hypovereinsbank AG
Konrad-Adenauer-Str. 7
60313 Frankfurt am Main
0,86 KM
Deutsche Bank
Schweizer Straße 28a/30
60594 Frankfurt am Main
0,98 KM
Deutsche Bank
Wilhelm-Leuschner-Straße 24
60329 Frankfurt am Main
Die Bank an Ihrer Seite

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19300 Kenyan Shilling to Euro in Frankfurt Videos

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19300 Kenyan Shilling to Euro in Frankfurt News

German officials are tracking down Frankfurt church service attendees after 107 tested positive for coronavirus

Churches in the state of Hesse have been able to hold services since May 1 as long as they follow official social distancing and hygiene rules.

about 1 month conditional positive
PRH becomes latest trade publisher to pull out of Frankfurt | The Bookseller

Penguin Random House has joined the other big trade publishers in pulling out of the Frankfurt Book Fair's physical event this year.

22 days conditional positive
AC Milan and Eintracht Frankfurt Could Agree A Straight Swap Deal This Summer For Loanees are reporting that a deal between AC Milan and Eintracht Frankfurt looks more likely now after the impressive few weeks from Andre Silva. The Portugal international managed to score 7...

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Frankfurt Overview

Frankfurt (officially: Frankfurt am Main (German: [ˈfʁaŋkfʊʁt ʔam ˈmaɪn] (About this soundlisten); lit. "Frank ford at the[a] Main")) is a metropolis and the largest city of the German federal state of Hesse, and its 746,878 (2017) inhabitants make it the fifth-largest city of Germany after Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, and Cologne. On the River Main (a tributary of the Rhine), it forms a continuous conurbation with the neighbouring city of Offenbach am Main, and its urban area has a population of 2.3 million.[2][4] The city is at the centre of the larger Rhine-Main Metropolitan Region, which has a population of 5.5 million[1] and is Germany's second-largest metropolitan region after the Rhine-Ruhr Region. Since the enlargement of the European Union in 2013, the geographic centre of the EU is about 40 km (25 mi) to the east of Frankfurt's central business district. Like France and Franconia, the city is named after the Franks. Frankfurt is the largest city in the Rhine Franconian dialect area (Franconian dialects).

Frankfurt was a city state, the Free City of Frankfurt, for nearly five centuries, and was one of the most important cities of the Holy Roman Empire, as a site of imperial coronations; it lost its sovereignty upon the collapse of the empire in 1806 and then permanently in 1866, when it was annexed by the Kingdom of Prussia. It has been part of the federal state of Hesse since 1945. Frankfurt is culturally, ethnically, racially, and religiously diverse, with half of its population, and a majority of young people, having a migration background. A quarter of the population consists of foreign nationals, including many expatriates.

Frankfurt is an alpha world city and a global hub for commerce, culture, education, tourism and transportation. It is the site of many global and European corporate headquarters. Frankfurt Airport is among the world's busiest. Frankfurt is the major financial centre of the European continent, with the headquarters of the European Central Bank, Deutsche Bundesbank, Frankfurt Stock Exchange, Deutsche Bank, DZ Bank, KfW, Commerzbank, several cloud and fintech startups[5] and other institutes. Automotive, technology and research, services, consulting, media and creative industries complement the economic base. Frankfurt's DE-CIX is the world's largest internet exchange point. Messe Frankfurt is one of the world's largest trade fairs. Major fairs include the Frankfurt Motor Show, the world's largest motor show, the Music Fair, and the Frankfurt Book Fair, the world's largest book fair.

Frankfurt is home to influential educational institutions, including the Goethe University, the UAS, the FUMPA, and graduate schools like the Frankfurt School of Finance & Management. Its renowned cultural venues include the concert hall Alte Oper, Europe's largest English theatre and many museums (e.g. the Museumsufer ensemble with Städel and Liebieghaus, Senckenberg Natural Museum, Goethe House, and the Schirn art venue at the old town). Frankfurt's skyline is shaped by some of Europe's tallest skyscrapers. The city is also characterised by various green areas and parks, including the central Wallanlagen, the City Forest and two major botanical gardens, the Palmengarten and the University's Botanical Garden. Very important is also the Frankfurt Zoo. In electronic music, Frankfurt has been a pioneering city since the 1980s, with renowned DJs including Sven Väth, Marc Trauner, Scot Project, Kai Tracid, and the clubs Dorian Gray, U60311, Omen and Cocoon. In sports, the city is known as the home of the top tier football club Eintracht Frankfurt, the Löwen Frankfurt ice hockey team, the basketball club Frankfurt Skyliners, the Frankfurt Marathon and the venue of Ironman Germany.

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