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Stockholm[a] is the capital of Sweden and the most populous city in the Nordic countries;[9][b] 952,058 people live in the municipality,[10] approximately 1.5 million in the urban area,[5] and 2.3 million in the metropolitan area.[11] The city stretches across fourteen islands where Lake Mälaren flows into the Baltic Sea. Just outside the city and along the coast is the island chain of the Stockholm archipelago. The area has been settled since the Stone Age, in the 6th millennium BC, and was founded as a city in 1252 by Swedish statesman Birger Jarl. It is also the capital of Stockholm County. Stockholm is the only capital in the world with a national urban park.[12]

Stockholm is the cultural, media, political, and economic centre of Sweden. The Stockholm region alone accounts for over a third of the country's GDP,[13] and is among the top 10 regions in Europe by GDP per capita.[14] It is an important global city,[15][16] and the main centre for corporate headquarters in the Nordic region.[17] The city is home to some of Europe's top ranking universities, such as the Stockholm School of Economics, Karolinska Institute and Royal Institute of Technology (KTH).[18][19] It hosts the annual Nobel Prize ceremonies and banquet at the Stockholm Concert Hall and Stockholm City Hall. One of the city's most prized museums, the Vasa Museum, is the most visited non-art museum in Scandinavia.[20][21] The Stockholm metro, opened in 1950, is well known for the decor of its stations; it has been called the longest art gallery in the world.[22][23][24] Sweden's national football arena is located north of the city centre, in Solna. Ericsson Globe, the national indoor arena, is in the southern part of the city. The city was the host of the 1912 Summer Olympics, and hosted the equestrian portion of the 1956 Summer Olympics otherwise held in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

Stockholm is the seat of the Swedish government and most of its agencies,[25] including the highest courts in the judiciary,[26][27] and the official residencies of the Swedish monarch and the Prime Minister. The government has its seat in the Rosenbad building, the Riksdag (Swedish parliament) is seated in the Parliament House, and the Prime Minister's residence is adjacent at the Sager House.[28][29][30] The Stockholm Palace is the official residence and principal workplace of the Swedish monarch, while the Drottningholm Palace, a World Heritage Site on the outskirts of Stockholm, serves as the Royal Family's private residence.[31][32]

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We sell basic banking services with personal service and high availability.

From a barber shop to over 110 branches in four countries. It all started at Gyllenspets barber shop at Stockholm Central Station. Gyllenspets learnt that many of his customers were tourists, who also was in need of currencies (local and foreign). With time, his barber shop turned into a small foreign exchange bureau that was run up until the 1960s by the Swedish State Rail Authority.

In 1965, travel agent Rolf Friberg, FOREX Bank’s former CEO, was offered the opportunity to buy the foreign exchange bureau business to be able to provide a foreign currency service to his travel agency’s customers.

Until the beginning of the 1990s, FOREX Bank was the only company besides the banks that was licensed by the Swedish Central bank to trade in currencies.

FOREX Bank became a bank in 2003, and is currently the market-leading foreign exchange bureau in the Nordic region. In addition to foreign exchange, FOREX Bank currently offers several competitive bank services in Sweden.

We have more than 110 branches in Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Norway. We welcome you to one of your branches where we will be happy to serve you.

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Exchange SEK FOREX Bank Buy FOREX Bank Sell
Emirati Dirham 2.453 0.357
Australian Dollar 6.418 0.141
Barbadian or Bajan Dollar 4.326 0.193
Bulgarian Lev 5.185 0.172
Bruneian Dollar 5.800 0.133
Brazilian Real 2.330 0.363
Bahamian Dollar 7.944 0.097
Canadian Dollar 6.943 0.132
Swiss Franc 9.157 0.101
Chilean Peso 0.013 65.841
Chinese Yuan Renminbi 1.312 0.675
Colombian Peso 0.003 297.904
Costa Rican Colon 0.014 53.921
Czech Koruna 0.402 2.223
Danish Krone 1.352 0.674
Dominican Peso 0.173 4.886
Euro 10.187 0.089
Fijian Dollar 3.974 0.204
British Pound 11.173 0.080
Hong Kong Dollar 1.153 0.769
Croatian Kuna 1.362 0.649
Hungarian Forint 0.031 28.418
Indonesian Rupiah 0.001 1327.228
Israeli Shekel 2.489 0.343
Indian Rupee 0.126 6.617
Icelandic Krona 0.068 12.450
Jamaican Dollar 0.064 13.046
Jordanian Dinar 12.313 0.068
Japanese Yen 0.084 10.886
Kenyan Shilling 0.081 9.977
South Korean Won 0.007 113.187
Kuwaiti Dinar 28.557 0.030
Caymanian Dollar 9.470 0.080
Sri Lankan Rupee 0.050 16.283
Moroccan Dirham 0.849 0.861
Mauritian Rupee 0.241 3.429
Mexican Peso 0.472 1.834
Malaysian Ringgit 2.177 0.402
Norwegian Krone 1.042 0.875
New Zealand Dollar 6.098 0.145
Omani Rial 22.569 0.037
Peruvian Sol 2.526 0.315
Philippine Peso 0.171 4.898
Pakistani Rupee 0.052 15.390
Polish Zloty 2.376 0.372
Romanian Leu 2.082 0.406
Serbian Dinar 0.065 9.894
Russian Ruble 0.126 6.152
Saudi Arabian Riyal 2.265 0.373
Singapore Dollar 6.360 0.135
Thai Baht 0.285 2.991
Tunisian Dinar 3.046 0.268
Turkish Lira 1.596 0.549
Trinidadian Dollar 1.270 0.649
Taiwan New Dollar 0.280 2.994
US Dollar 9.068 0.100
Vietnamese Dong 0.000 2130.152
East Caribbean Dollar 3.203 0.260
South African Rand 0.648 1.364

FOREX Bank Buy rate – this is the rate at which FOREX Bank buy foreign currency back from travellers to exchange into local currency. For example, if you were returning from America, we would exchange your dollars back into euros at the buy rate.

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@Liz_Cheney You can’t help it. Stockholm syndrome from birth.
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Is this real life???? The dude blatantly tweeted something racist just yesterday and then reaffirmed it today. I m…
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RT @KnMarianne: Och hur ser dessa lägenheter ut efter 1 år? Kan bli stampande jordgolv a la marsianer.................och ni svensk…
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RT @kbsalsaud: Met with @OSE_Yemen to emphasize our commitment to the wellbeing of the Yemeni people, and the need to end Iran's i…
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@cmford714 @KrisHellmeister
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RT @kbsalsaud: Met with @OSE_Yemen to emphasize our commitment to the wellbeing of the Yemeni people, and the need to end Iran's i…
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@NoraKarlsson Till folk i Stockholm säger jag att jag kommer från Täby men ingen annan vet ju seriöst vad Täby är.
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Somewhere in Stockholm ❄️ #stockholm #contikijoel #pedazosporelmundo
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The only one cemetery on the list of UNEACO World Heritage Site.
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