Bulgarian Lev

Bulgarian Lev

Bulgarian Lev overview

The lev (Bulgarian: лев, plural: лева, левове / leva, levove) is the currency of Bulgaria. It is divided in 100 stotinki (стотинки, singular: stotinka, стотинка). In archaic Bulgarian the word "lev" meant "lion", a word which in the modern language became lăv (IPA: /lɤf/) (in Bulgarian: лъв). Stotinka comes from the word "sto" (сто) - a hundred.

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Resort costs fall across half of destinations in new survey

Bulgaria, Algarve and Turkey ranked cheapest by Post Office Travel Money

3 days indicative positive
Importance of budgeting in life

You can even calculate requirements right down to the small change

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Bulgaria to End Belene Nuclear Plant Moratorium

Four companies have expressed interest in building the Belene Nuclear Power Plant as Bulgarian lawmakers are expected to lift the moratorium on its construction.

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Telenor Bulgaria's 2017 EBITDA edge down, revenue rises

SOFIA (Bulgaria), January 31 (SeeNews) - The Bulgarian unit of Norwegian telecommunications group Telenor said on Wednesday its earnings before interest, t

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Bulgaria Mulls Four Options for New Fighter Jets

Bulgaria's government is weighing up offers from the US, Sweden and Italy as it moves to rejuvenate its ageing air force.

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Mortgage For Buying Property In Bulgaria - Finance and Banking - Bulgaria

Buying a property in Bulgaria through mortgage is a very popular option. A lot of people used it in the period 2000-2009. Bulgaria Finance and Banking International Law Office D. Vladimirov and Partners 6 Mar 2018

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EU finance ministers back Bulgaria’s ERM2 entry

The finance ministers of the Eurozone member states gave a green light to Bulgaria’s bid to join Eurozone’s waiting room, the European Exchange ...

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