Belarusian Ruble

Belarusian Ruble

Belarusian Ruble overview

The Belarusian ruble or rouble (Belarusian: рубель rubieĺ, plural: рублі rubli, genitive plural: рублёў rublioŭ; sign: Br; code: BYN) is the official currency of Belarus. The ruble is subdivided into 100 kopeks (Belarusian: капейка kapiejka, plural: капейкі kapiejki, genitive plural: капеек kapiejek).

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Belarusian Ruble news

Belarus, Russia may become one state by 2020 – Ukrainian expert

The president of a new state formation will reside in Moscow, Minsk will host the vice-president, Ruslan Bortnik, chief research officer of the Ukrainian Institute of Analysis and Management of Policy, told

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Putin Asks Belarus And Kazakhstan To Unite Their Currencies With Ruble

The ruble has lost nearly half its value since mid-March last year, when Russia was subjected to Western sanctions.

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Belarus' central bank to reduce key lending rate to 13% on 14 June

The decisions on the interest rate policy have been prompted by positive trends in the national economy, the improved resilience of the economy to external factors, and the stronger stability of the money and credit sphere.

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No more Eurobonds from Belarus this year | bne IntelliNews

Belarus has plenty of money to meet its obligations this year and most of next, so it's not planning any more Eurobond issues but may issue debt on the Russian capital markets, the head of Belarus’s debt agency said.

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Why is the Belarus president seeking to reshuffle government?

Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko sacked a number a of ministers in public during a speech this week. He believes the incumbent ...

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Fuel prices in Belarus up again
Fuel prices in Belarus up again

The Belneftekhim concern has been steadily raising the price of fuel by one kopeck. The increase in prices in recent months took place almost every week.

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Belarus PESTEL Analysis, SWOT Analysis and Risk Analysis Market Research Report Launched - Press Release - Digital Journal

- These reports provide information about key macroeconomic indicators for Belarus.

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Pocket-friendly holiday destinations for the discerning Indian traveller
Pocket-friendly holiday destinations for the discerning Indian traveller

Here are some of the pocket-friendly holiday destinations for Indian travellers

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Zapad on Belarus’s mind: 7th Belarus Reality Check Non-Paper
Zapad on Belarus’s mind: 7th Belarus Reality Check Non-Paper

The European Union’s ‘critical engagement’ policy has contributed to attitude change by the Government of Belarus as well as procedural improvements. However, as the March 2017 crackdown on peaceful protesters suggests, there are no substantial political changes in Belarus....

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