Pakistani Rupee

Pakistani Rupee

The Pakistani rupee (Urdu: روپیہ‬‎ / ALA-LC: Rūpiyah; sign: ₨; code: PKR) is the currency of Pakistan. The issuance of the currency is controlled by the State Bank of Pakistan, the central bank of the country. The most commonly used symbol for the rupee is Rs, used on receipts when purchasing goods and services. In Pakistan, the rupee is also spelled as "rupees", "rupaya" or "rupaye". As standard in Pakistani English, large values of rupees are counted in terms of thousands; lakh (100,000); crore (10 million); arab (1 billion); kharab (100 billion).

Swedish Krona

Swedish Krona

The krona (Swedish: [²kruːna]; plural: kronor; sign: kr; code: SEK) has been the currency of Sweden since 1873. Both the ISO code "SEK" and currency sign "kr" are in common use; the former precedes or follows the value, the latter usually follows it but, especially in the past, it sometimes preceded the value. In English, the currency is sometimes referred to as the Swedish crown, as krona literally means crown in Swedish. The Swedish krona was the ninth-most traded currency in the world by value in April 2016.One krona is subdivided into 100 öre (singular and plural; when referring to the currency unit itself, however, the de facto plural form is ören). However, all öre coins have been discontinued as of 30 September 2010. Goods can still be priced in öre, but all sums are rounded to the nearest krona when paying with cash.

14 Pakistani Rupee to Swedish Krona exchange rates chart

14 PKR to SEK exchange rates graph
14 PKR to SEK Spot rate – This is known more formally as the ‘interbank’ rate. It is the rate banks or large financial institutions charge each other when trading significant amounts of foreign currency. In the business, this is sometimes referred to as a ‘spot rate’. It is not the tourist rate and you cannot buy currency at this rate, as you are buying relatively small amounts of foreign currency. In everyday life it is the same as the difference between wholesale and retail prices. The rates shown in financial newspapers and in broadcast media are usually the interbank rates.

14 PKR to SEK exchange rates table

Exchange PKR to SEK
14 Pakistani Rupee = 0.943 Swedish Krona
28 Pakistani Rupee = 1.886 Swedish Krona
70 Pakistani Rupee = 4.714 Swedish Krona
140 Pakistani Rupee = 9.428 Swedish Krona
Exchange Pakistani Rupee to Swedish Krona
14 Pakistani Rupee to Swedish Krona Cross rate – This is the rate we give to customers who want to exchange currencies that do not involve the local currency. For example, if you want to exchange Australian dollars into US dollars.

14 PKR to SEK exchange rates news

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