Paraguayan Guarani

Paraguayan Guarani

The guaraní (Spanish pronunciation: [ɡwaɾaˈni], plural: guaraníes; sign: ₲; code: PYG) is the national currency unit of Paraguay. The guaraní was divided into 100 céntimos but, because of inflation, céntimos are no longer in use. The currency sign is U+20B2 ₲ GUARANI SIGN (HTML ₲).

Canadian Dollar

Canadian Dollar

The Canadian dollar (symbol: $; code: CAD; French: dollar canadien) is the currency of Canada. It is abbreviated with the dollar sign $, or sometimes Can$ or C$ to distinguish it from other dollar-denominated currencies. It is divided into 100 cents (¢). Owing to the image of a loon on the one-dollar coin, the currency is sometimes referred to as the loonie by foreign exchange traders and analysts, as it is by Canadians in general, or huard in French. Accounting for approximately 2% of all global reserves, the Canadian dollar is the fifth most held reserve currency in the world, behind the U.S. dollar, the euro, the yen and the pound sterling. The Canadian dollar is popular with central banks because of Canada's relative economic soundness, the Canadian government's strong sovereign position, and the stability of the country's legal and political systems.

4555 Paraguayan Guarani to Canadian Dollar exchange rates chart

4555 PYG to CAD exchange rates graph
4555 PYG to CAD Spot rate – This is known more formally as the ‘interbank’ rate. It is the rate banks or large financial institutions charge each other when trading significant amounts of foreign currency. In the business, this is sometimes referred to as a ‘spot rate’. It is not the tourist rate and you cannot buy currency at this rate, as you are buying relatively small amounts of foreign currency. In everyday life it is the same as the difference between wholesale and retail prices. The rates shown in financial newspapers and in broadcast media are usually the interbank rates.

4555 PYG to CAD exchange rates table

Exchange PYG to CAD
4555 Paraguayan Guarani = 1.015 Canadian Dollar
9110 Paraguayan Guarani = 2.031 Canadian Dollar
22775 Paraguayan Guarani = 5.077 Canadian Dollar
45550 Paraguayan Guarani = 10.154 Canadian Dollar
Exchange Paraguayan Guarani to Canadian Dollar
4555 Paraguayan Guarani to Canadian Dollar Cross rate – This is the rate we give to customers who want to exchange currencies that do not involve the local currency. For example, if you want to exchange Australian dollars into US dollars.

Best PYG/CAD rate at Ultimate Currency Exchange in Toronto

4555 PYG to CAD exchange rates at Ultimate Currency Exchange in Toronto
4555 Paraguayan Guarani = 0.815 Canadian Dollar
Ultimate Currency Exchange
Ultimate Currency Exchange

Ultimate Currency Exchange is a Canadian registered company that provides foreign exchange services with three branches; two in Ottawa and one in Toronto and also accepts online orders to ship foreign currency to any part of Canada. UCE buys and sells more than ninety foreign currencies with no commission fees. UCE's exchange rates are always better than Canadian banks and compete with the other exchange bureaus. Ultimate Currency Exchange is a "Money Service Business" registered with FINTRAC...

4555 PYG to CAD exchange rates news

Otro apagón en comunidades de Alto Paraguay - Nacionales - ABC Color

FUERTE OLIMPO. Desde ayer, domingo, varias poblaciones del departamento de Alto Paraguay carecen del suministro de energía eléctrica proveída por ANDE. El nuevo corte se registra a solo dos días de haber sufrido un apagón de 57 horas.

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Juan Carlos Osorio afronta su primer reto con Paraguay

El combinado guaraní lleva once amistosos sin conocer la victoria, la última fue ante Japón el pasado junio en Austria.

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La Chacarita sueña con la final de la Copa Paraguay

No te pierdas este especial del “Coloso del Bajo”, equipo al que nadie puede quitarle el sueño y la ilusión de jugar la final de la primera Copa Paraguay y llenar de orgullo al sufrido pueblo chacariteño. Dale play a este reportaje que preparamos en la víspera de su esperado choque ante Guaraní, por semifinales.

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Las semifinales se jugarán este martes

La etapa semifinal de la Copa Paraguay se desarrollará este martes con la disputa de los dos partidos. Habrá acción en Capiatá e Itauguá.

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Paraguay trabajó pensando en el amistoso con Sudáfrica |

Con el arribo de otros cinco convocados por Osorio, la selección guaraní tiene a su plantel casi completo.

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TSX closes down but fares better than U.S. markets as technology sector weakens | The Star

Canada’s main stock index fared better than American markets Monday even though all felt the brunt of brunt of technology sector weakness.

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USD/CAD - Canadian Dollar Grinds Sideways

The Canadian dollar is grinding sideways in a narrow trading range. Canadian dollar sellers because of plunging oil prices are finding plenty of buyers because of expectations for higher domestic interest rates in December. The opposing views have re-enforced ...

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C$ notches one-week high as greenback broadly slides

Canadian dollar rises 0.2 percent against the greenback; Canadian manufacturing sales rise 0.2 percent in September; Canadian bond prices move higher.

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C$ climbs to one-week high as oil prices rise

* Canadian dollar rises 0.3 percent against the greenback; * Price of U.S. oil rises 2.3 percent; * Canadian manufacturing sales rise 0.2 percent in.

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4555 PYG to CAD currency converter