Algerian Dinar

Algerian Dinar

Algerian Dinar overview

The dinar (Arabic: دينار‎, Berber language: Dinar or Menkuc, French 'Dinar'; sign: DA; code: DZD) is the monetary currency of Algeria and it is subdivided into 100 centimes. Centimes are now obsolete due to their extremely low value.

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Algerian Dinar news

Algeria agrees steel plant stake sale to UAE firm

Algeria will sell a 49 percent stake in its state steel plant to Dubai-based Emarat Dzayer Group, the prime minister's office said on Tuesday, as the North African country seeks to attract foreign investment and diversify its economy.

about 2 months conditional negative
Algeria Plans First Wealth Tax to Cope With Financial Pressure

Move part of measures aimed at securing new sources of finance after sharp fall in energy earnings, prime minister says

about 2 months conditional neutral
Algeria protects dinar as US dollar depreciates | Lamine Ghanmi

Local economists warned that overvaluing the dinar relative to the dollar runs counter to most governmental diversification plans.

about 2 months indicative negative
Decline of Algerian dinar adds to poverty, capital flight | Lamine Ghanmi

The Algerian government is heavily subsidising imports to offset their high prices on the domestic market

about 2 months indicative neutral
International Crisis Group warns of ‘economic paralysis’ in Algeria | Mark Habeeb

The ICG warns that “a potential economic crisis could come as soon as 2019” in Algeria.

about 2 months conditional neutral
Construction Of 39 Utility Structures, Machine Rooms And Water Tanks
Construction Of 39 Utility Structures, Machine Rooms And Water Tanks

Tenders are invited for Construction of 39 Utility Structures, Machine Rooms and Concrete and Steel Water Tanks for the benefit of the Meliana site.

2 months conditional neutral

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