Gambian Dalasi

Gambian Dalasi

Gambian Dalasi overview

The dalasi is the currency of the Gambia. It is subdivided into 100 bututs. The dalasi was adopted in 1971. It replaced the Gambian pound at a rate of 1 pound = 5 dalasis, i.e., 1 dalasi = 0.2 pound = 4 shillings. The name derives from dala, a nickname of the 5 French West African franc note, which in turn derived from "dollar.", while butut is from Wolof butuut, "small thing."

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Gambian Dalasi news

Project Aid delivers D2M health facility to Buniadu - The Point Newspaper, Banjul, The Gambia

Project Aid-The Gambia International, a German/Gambian NGO last Thursday handed over a new health centre to the community of Buniadu village, North...

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GOOD MORNING MR PRESIDENT - The Point Newspaper, Banjul, The Gambia

Mr. President, last week, Gambians were disappointed to hear that the first offshore exploration has been unsuccessful. The drill that took almost...

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Gambia: Consumers Complain of Increment in Bread Price

Barely half a year since the price of a loaf of bread was reduced from D7 to D6, consumers have started complaining that the former bread price of D7, has been restored.

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Gambia: 'The Bansang Swiss Project' Inaugurates Teaching-Staff Living Quarters in Njoren

After yesterday's handing over of 400,000 dalasi worth of supplies and stationery to the region, today saw the official inauguration of the teaching-staff living quarters of Njoren Basic Cycle school - a 100,000 plus dalasi community project funded by The Bansang Swiss Project.

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Siffoe launches ride to raise D4.4M to reconstruct market, expand water supply - The Point Newspaper, Banjul, The Gambia

A total of six young people of Siffoe, Sunday commenced a one month mid-nation bicycle ride to raise a targeted amount of 4.4 million dalasis for the...

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GDA lays foundation block for multi-purpose skills training centre - The Point Newspaper, Banjul, The Gambia

Gunjur Development Association (GDA) over the weekend celebrated its first year anniversary, with the laying of foundation block for a multi-purpose...

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