Icelandic Krona

Icelandic Krona

Icelandic Krona overview

The króna (Icelandic pronunciation: ​[ˈkʰrou:na]; plural krónur) (sign: kr; code: ISK) is the currency of Iceland. Iceland is the smallest country to have its own currency and monetary policy.Like the Nordic currencies (such as the Danish krone, Swedish krona and Norwegian krone) that participated in the historical Scandinavian Monetary Union, the name króna (meaning crown) comes from the Latin word corona ("crown"). The name "Icelandic crown" is sometimes used, for example in the financial markets. The word eyrir derives from Latin aureus ("golden"), there being historically 100 gold pieces to a crown.

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Icelandic Krona news

Iceland's Central Bank Trying To Strengthen Weakening Krona

The Central Bank has, for three days in a row now, actively bought Icelandic krónur in an effort to stem its weakening value.

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Small currency, big worries: Iceland's volatile krona | DW | 06.04.2017

What happens when a small country with its own currency has to navigate economically in a world dominated by huge countries with enormous banking systems and deep-pocketed financial speculators?

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We’re all going to Iceland

From June, cheap, direct flights will really put Iceland on Irish tourists’ maps. Expect to encounter unspoiled natural beauty and, perhaps, thieving elves

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Icelandair and WOW announce a merger

THE ANNOUNCEMENT on November 5th that Icelandair and WOW, two Icelandic airlines, will merge will come as some relief to many travellers. The Icelandic flag carrier and its low-cost competitor both specialised in selling budget flights across the Atlantic, via connections at Keflavik, an airport serving Iceland’s capital.

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Iceland seeks closure 10 years after financial crash

Ten years ago, the Icelandic krona lost almost half of its value overnight after the collapse of Iceland's three major commercial banks. The final prosecution of financial officials deemed responsible began this month with more than 30 people sentenced to a combined 99 years of prison.

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Iceland seeks closure on financial crash with last prosecution of banker

Iceland’s top financial entrepreneurs of a generation have been thrown behind bars and the economy has had to be reinvented more profoundly than most countries affected by the crisis.

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