Burmese Kyat

Burmese Kyat

Burmese Kyat overview

The kyat (, US: or ; Burmese: ကျပ် [tɕaʔ]; ISO 4217 code MMK) is the currency of Myanmar (Burma). It is often abbreviated as "K" (singular or plural) or "Ks" (plural), which is placed before or after the numerical value, depending on author preference. The term kyat derives from the ancient Burmese unit kyattha, equal to 16.3 grams of silver.

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Burmese Kyat news

Special Report: In a Muslim lawyer's murder, Myanmar's shattered dream

By Tom LasseterYANGON (Reuters) - As Ko Ni...

11 days indicative negative
Myanmar to host int'l textile, garment expo in Yangon in December

An international textile and garment expo hosted by Myanmar will take place in Myanmar's largest city Yangon from Dec. 6-9, according to the event organizer Monday.

21 days conditional positive
Hight Court rules Reuters journalists can appeal

Myanmar's High Court has ruled that two jailed Reuters reporters can appeal their convictions on charges of violating the country's law that prohibits the gathering of secret documents to help an enemy, VOA reported.

22 days conditional negative
Yoma Bank and Early Dawn Microfinance sign a US$10 mn funding agreement

Yoma Bank and Early Dawn Microfinance Company Limited (DAWN) signed a USD 10M local currency equivalent (circa MMK 13.5B) funding agreement in support of DAWN’s microfinance operations in Myanmar.

about 2 months conditional neutral
Movie Time: Screenings from October 19 to 25

Ta Say Par Lar Bi Directed by R.Peraks, it is a Burmese horror film casting by Pyay Ti Oo, Ei Chaw Po, Nyi Htut Kaung, Khin Hlaing, Aung Zaw Min and other acts.

2 months indicative positive
'We feel like hermit crabs': Myanmar's climate dispossessed

In the coastal town of Khindan, the catastrophic effect of rising sea levels is all too apparent

2 months indicative positive
New rule permits sale of Thai baht at local forex counters

Action will be taken against those who do not adhere to a new kyat payment rule when dealing in domestic transactions. This includes trade at the border areas, Vice Governor of the Central Bank of Myanmar (CBM) U Bo Bo Nge said on August 28.

over 1 year conditional neutral
Should we worry about the weakening of the Myanmar kyat against the dollar?

On Monday, July 13, 2015, the Central Bank of Myanmar made a favourable decision to narrow the gap between the reference exchange rate and market rate. It is a good occasion for us to reconsider whether or not we should worry about the weakening of Myanmar kyat against US dollar.

over 1 year conditional neutral
Inflation is the problem, not the exchange rate

Despite the kyat's sharp depreciation late last year, the situation is not as critical as people may believe.

over 1 year conditional positive

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