Rwandan Franc Overview

The Rwandan franc (sign: FRw, and possibly RF or R₣; ISO 4217: RWF) is the currency of Rwanda. It is subdivided into 100 centimes.

Rwandan Franc to USD Exchange rates Chart

Rwandan Franc to USD Exchange rates Chart

Rwandan Franc Exchange rates Table

Exchange Rwandan Franc You buy RWF You sell RWF
Japanese Yen 8.814 0.113
US Dollar 947.137 0.001
Euro 1065.961 0.001
British Pound 1181.959 0.001
Canadian Dollar 696.767 0.001
Australian Dollar 654.688 0.002

Rwandan Franc Videos

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Rwandan Franc News

Rwanda is in a dispute over how it measures poverty

A change in the definition of poverty could alter how the country is perceived globally.

over 1 year indicative neutral
Rwanda, the Genocide, And a History of International Interference: A Look into the EPW Archives

The West, including world leaders and international organisations, needs to be more accountable for its seeming reluctance to stop the violence in Rwanda.

3 months indicative negative
COVID-19: Agriculture in East Africa takes a hit
COVID-19: Agriculture in East Africa takes a hit

Despite official claims that agriculture must continue even with restrictions, supply chain has been severely affected in Rwanda 

3 months conditional neutral
"Preparing for war": Africans scramble for groceries

Alarmed consumers thronged markets across Africa on Tuesday, many in masks and gloves, to stock up as the coronavirus spread on the world's poorest continent.

2 months indicative positive
Equity Bank Rwanda Donates Rwf 1B To The Fight against #COVID-19

Equity Bank Rwanda has donated Rwandan Franc 1 billion to the government of Rwanda to purchase 22,225 Testing Kits in support of efforts of combating the spread of #COVID-19.

about 2 months conditional positive
UPDATE 3-Rwanda's economic growth to slow in 2020 due to coronavirus

Rwanda's economic growth is expected to slow this year as the COVID-19 pandemic hits tourism, transport and hospitality, the finance minister said on Thursday.

about 1 month conditional negative

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