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The Saint Helena pound is the currency of the Atlantic islands of Saint Helena and Ascension, which are constituent parts of the British overseas territory of Saint Helena, Ascension and Tristan da Cunha. It is fixed at parity with the pound sterling and as such both currencies are commonly accepted and circulated. It is subdivided into 100 pence. Tristan da Cunha, the third part of the territory, officially adopted the Pound sterling. However, there are occasionally commemorative coins minted for the island.

Saint Helenian Pound to USD exchange rates chart

SHP to USD exchange rates chart

Saint Helenian Pound exchange rates table

Exchange Saint Helenian Pound Buy SHP Rate Sell SHP Rate
British Pound 1.000 1.000
Euro 0.838 1.194
Australian Dollar 0.514 1.947
Canadian Dollar 0.586 1.708
Japanese Yen 0.007 144.331
US Dollar 0.776 1.288

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Saint Helena Pound - جنيه سانت هيليني.
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02.05.2016 ALll thanksss Hd youtube HD.
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Planes may finally take-off from wind-hit island airport
Planes may finally take-off from wind-hit island airport

Safety concerns have meant the UK taxpayer funded project nearly failed to get off the ground.

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Saint Helenian Pound exchange rates

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