Surinamese Dollar Overview

The Surinamese dollar (ISO 4217 code SRD) has been the currency of Suriname since 2004. It is normally abbreviated with the dollar sign $, or alternatively Sr$ to distinguish it from other dollar-denominated currencies. It is divided into 100 cents.

Surinamese Dollar to USD Exchange rates Chart

Surinamese Dollar to USD Exchange rates Chart

Surinamese Dollar Exchange rates Table

Exchange Surinamese Dollar You buy SRD You sell SRD
Japanese Yen 0.069 14.420
US Dollar 7.452 0.134
Euro 8.387 0.119
British Pound 9.300 0.108
Canadian Dollar 5.482 0.182
Australian Dollar 5.151 0.194

Surinamese Dollar Videos

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Surinamese Dollar News

Getting to the Heart of Suriname

As he winds his way to the World Cup, the Frugal Traveler stops in Suriname, where he travels in the interior by boat, and experiences a chaotic slice of the capital.

over 3 years conditional positive
Snail fever: the threat in Suriname’s water

The last steps in fighting the ‘most deadly neglected tropical disease’ are being slowed by a lack of funding

about 3 years indicative neutral
Economic Crisis Prompts a Showdown, and a Shutdown, in Suriname
Economic Crisis Prompts a Showdown, and a Shutdown, in Suriname

The coronavirus pandemic is but one factor in a confrontation between the South American nation’s business sector and its authoritarian government.

3 months conditional negative
Recap: March 9 - March 13
Recap: March 9 - March 13

Happy Friday (the 13th!!), traders. Welcome to our weekly market wrap, a look back at the price action, economic data, and market narratives of the week with a focus on gold, the Dollar, and their correlated assets.

3 months indicative positive
A Philosopher-Banker Who’s Shaking Up a Nation

Steven Coutinho had long wanted to help Suriname, his homeland, overcome its colonial past. A huge financial scandal gave him his chance.

about 2 months imperative negative
Suriname’s May 2020 elections: Crossroads time?

As Suriname prepares to elect a new parliament, the country faces a series of challenges that endanger its geopolitical standing.

about 2 months indicative neutral
AG asks Parliament permission to prosecute finance minister

The Daily Herald - The Leading Newspaper for St. Maarten and the Northeast Caribbean

about 1 month conditional negative
Ex-strongman Bouterse seeks another term in Suriname

PARAMARIBO, Suriname (AP) -- Few leaders have the sort of shadows that hang over Suriname's President Dési Bouterse, a former coup leader and strongman,

6 days conditional negative

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