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The colón was the currency of El Salvador between 1892 and 2001, until it was replaced by the U.S. Dollar. It was subdivided into 100 centavos and its ISO 4217 code was SVC. The plural is colones in Spanish and was named after Christopher Columbus, known as Cristóbal Colón in Spanish.

Salvadoran Colon to USD Exchange rates Chart

Salvadoran Colon to USD Exchange rates Chart

Salvadoran Colon Exchange rates Table

Exchange Salvadoran Colon You buy SVC You sell SVC
Japanese Yen 0.080 12.432
US Dollar 8.750 0.114
Euro 9.505 0.105
British Pound 10.845 0.092
Canadian Dollar 6.219 0.161
Australian Dollar 5.450 0.184

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The President of El Salvador has pledged to dismantle the country's gangs, and called upon members to leave them, or perish with them. El Salvador's gangs have operations stretching from the USA to Central America and are involved in drug running, extortion, and killing. There are thought to be as many as 60,000 active members and once in a gang, there are few ways out – apart from death. But now a church in the capital, San Salvador, is trying to give former members a fresh start. Our International Correspondent Orla Guerin reports on the BBC News at Ten, presented by Sophie Raworth. Please subscribe HERE
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My driver, Carlos Slim takes me into the back streets of the San Salvador markets. Not a white person was seen. Lots of military ...
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Nayib Bukele became Latin America's youngest leader after he comfortably won El Salvador's general election in February. The 38-year-old president of El Salvador enjoys a nearly 90 percent approval rating, but there are challenges ahead. With one of the highest murder rates in the world, perhaps the main challenge for Central America's smallest country is gang-related violence. Slow growth has kept El Salvador's social and economic development stagnant, and corruption cost the government millions of dollars. And ever since a 12-year civil war ended in 1992, hundreds of thousands of Salvadorians have been fleeing the country every year seeking a safe place to live and better opportunities. "We are dealing with a lot of crises. El Salvador has changed a lot in the last six month. W For example crime, which is probably our worst crisis, we have lowered crime by 60 percent. The homicide rate has dropped by 60 percent ... October was the safest month since the war ... and we've been fighting corruption very very strongly. And hope in the country is very high," Bukele said in an interview it Al Jazeera. He explained that a new international body to fight corruption has already been set up and will start investigating cases soon. "This commission will investigate anyone, including me ... it's a real commission ... it's not a joke. It's going to be an example for the region," he said. Bukele seems determined to turn things around. With just a few months in office, he has travelled extensively from North America to the Asia Pacific and the Middle East. In Mexico, he secured investments on social programmes that aim to reduce migration to North America. In China, he signed deals that will improve roads and facilities across El Salvador. And in Qatar, Bukele looked for opportunities in the energy sector and attended meetings with other world leaders at the Doha Forum. Asked about his approach towards China, he says: "You cannot ignore China ... I don't want to get at odds with any superpower, I just want the best for our country. That's a pragmatic foreign policy. "For us, foreign policy is not a matter of changing the world as it is, but more about how well can we serve our country in this huge economy so we can help our people." President Nayib Bukele talks to Al Jazeera about corruption, the relationship with China and Venezuela, and how young leaders are now changing the way things are being done. - Subscribe to our channel: - Follow us on Twitter: - Find us on Facebook: - Check our website:

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As police investigate L.A. school shooting, parents and officials question how a gun got into a classroom

As police investigated a shooting on a Westlake school campus that left two students hospitalized, one critically injured, and a 12-year-old girl in custody, city and school officials are questioning how a gun got on campus.

5 days indicative positive
Photo exhibition promotes Central American solidarity

Photo exhibition promotes Central American solidarity

3 days indicative neutral

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Salvadoran Colon Exchange rates

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Curepipe, Republic of Mauritius.
180000000 INR to USD
Round Rock, United States.
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