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Thai Baht

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The baht (; Thai: บาท, pronounced [bàːt]; sign: ฿; code:100 THB) is the official currency of Thailand. It is subdivided into 100 satang (สตางค์, pronounced [sətāːŋ]). The issuance of currency is the responsibility of the Bank of Thailand. According to SWIFT, as of February 2017, the Thai baht is ranked as the 10th most frequently used world payment currency.According to a report in the South China Morning Post, the China Banknote Printing and Minting Corporation produces at least some Thai banknotes and coins.

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Thai top court orders compensation for Myanmar workers in landmark case

The workers complained about forced overtime, being paid less than the minimum wage, confiscation of passports, and limited freedom of movement

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Exporters fret over baht appreciation
Exporters fret over baht appreciation

The secretary-general of the Thai National Shippers’ Council said yesterday that exporters were concerned about the appreciation of the baht against the US dollar.

9 days conditional negative
Why Vietnam is such a magnet for baht
Why Vietnam is such a magnet for baht

Thailand is being left behind when it should be learning from the success story to its east

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Thailand's Steps Towards Global Competitiveness - Government, Public Sector - UK

With Thailand's elections planned for Q1 2019, a new chapter is around the corner. UK Government, Public Sector TMF Group 2 Jan 2019

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Thai farmers giddy over new medical marijuana law

BANGKOK, Thailand (AFP) — Thai farmers welcomed a new law allowing cultivation and ...

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Thai Court Acquits Chinese Dissident of Immigration-Related Charges

Wu Yuhua and her husband, Yang Chong, are close to getting asylum elsewhere, lawyer says.

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