Turkmenistani Manat overview

The manat is the currency of Turkmenistan. It was introduced on 1 November 1993, replacing the Russian ruble at a rate of 1 manat = 500 rubles. The ISO 4217 code was TMM, and the manat was subdivided into 100 tenge. The abbreviation m is sometimes used, e.g., 25 000 m is twenty-five thousand manat. On January 1, 2009, the new manat was introduced with ISO 4217 code TMT at the rate of 5000 old manat to 1 new manat.

Turkmenistani Manat to USD exchange rates chart

TMT to USD exchange rates chart

Turkmenistani Manat exchange rates table

Exchange Turkmenistani Manat Buy TMT Rate Sell TMT Rate
British Pound 4.543 0.222
Euro 3.799 0.265
Australian Dollar 2.321 0.432
Canadian Dollar 2.650 0.379
Japanese Yen 0.031 32.017
US Dollar 3.500 0.286

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Günluk 5 milyon manat temin edilir. 1.000.000 manat dolar.

Turkmenistani Manat news texts

Turkmen elite buy up luxury residential housing in bid to protect capital amid devaluation

Turkmen elite buy up luxury residential housing in bid to protect capital amid devaluation. Apartments said to be selling out fast amid Turkmenistan’s dire financial crisis.

over 1 year indicative positive
Turkmenistan: Reading between the lines | Eurasianet

Turkmenistan’s government will not admit the economy is creaking, but there are clues aplenty

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Turkmenistan finds a novel solution to mass emigration

CITIZENS of Turkmenistan are definitely allowed to leave the country, its immigration service insisted in a statement in mid-April. The declaration came in response to reports that men under the age of 30 were being prevented from boarding international flights.

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Turkmenistan: Fast and furious. And broke | Eurasianet

This week in our Turkmenistan column, the president plays hard as the national currency goes soft

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Turkmenistani Manat currency converter

Turkmenistani Manat exchange rates

2000 EUR to GBP
Ulm, Federal Republic of Germany.
5606 RSD to EUR
Skopje, Republic of Macedonia.
15000000 INR to GBP
Slough, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.
100 UAH to INR
Lubny, Ukraine.
10 EUR to PLN
Bad Lippspringe, Federal Republic of Germany.
100 CZK to EUR
Rome, Repubblica Italiana.
10 SGD to IDR
Surabaya, Republic of Indonesia.
1 USD to BDT
Dhaka, Bangladesh.
39 AZN to RUB
Baku, Republic of Azerbaijan.
25000 RSD to EUR
Vöhringen, Federal Republic of Germany.
100 INR to SAR
Khobar, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
100 RUB to AZN
Voronezh, Russian Federation.
100 SAR to INR
Jeddah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
1500000 INR to USD
Amman, Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.
300 ZAR to USD
Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of the Congo.
1 AZN to USD
Baku, Republic of Azerbaijan.
1 USD to IDR
Jakarta, Republic of Indonesia.
117 USD to IDR
Bogor, Republic of Indonesia.
500 AED to HNL
Baku, Republic of Azerbaijan.