Turkish Lira Overview

The Turkish lira (Turkish: Türk lirası; sign: ₺; code: TRY; usually abbreviated as TL) is the currency of Turkey and the self-declared Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. The Turkish lira is subdivided into 100 kuruş.

Turkish Lira to USD Exchange rates Chart

Turkish Lira to USD Exchange rates Chart

Turkish Lira Exchange rates Table

Exchange Turkish Lira You buy TRY You sell TRY
Japanese Yen 0.063 15.799
US Dollar 6.813 0.147
Euro 7.427 0.135
British Pound 8.290 0.121
Canadian Dollar 4.868 0.205
Australian Dollar 4.453 0.225

Turkish Lira Tweets

Turkish Lira added 1 tweet
2020-05-16 16:13:03 UTC
Turkish Lira firms against dollar as #Turkey searches for foreign funds. Turkey officials have held talks with… https://t.co/8sVnzQPtbo
Turkish Lira added 1 tweet
2020-05-16 14:25:36 UTC
@xenocygne @SrofWaldridge 😂😂 he thinks 4 months is crazy and short term! How about 9 years! Turkish Lira
Turkish Lira added 1 tweet
2020-05-16 14:15:14 UTC
🇺🇸 US Dollar (16,807 : 16,723) 🇪🇺 Euro (18,209 : 18,118) 🇨🇦 Canadian Dollar (12,034 : 11,974) 🇬🇧 British Pound (20,… https://t.co/hDI8krlrd0
Turkish Lira added 1 tweet
2020-05-16 14:13:07 UTC
Bütçedeki devasa açık büyüyor. Mart ve Nisan aylarındaki açık 87 milyar lira. Korkunç bir rakam bu. https://t.co/eVLBVaSlqx
Turkish Lira added 1 tweet
2020-05-16 14:00:55 UTC
🇺🇸 US Dollar (16,802 : 16,718) 🇪🇺 Euro (18,200 : 18,109) 🇨🇦 Canadian Dollar (12,033 : 11,973) 🇬🇧 British Pound (20,… https://t.co/Hpm1bMdaRu
Turkish Lira added 1 tweet
2020-05-16 13:45:15 UTC
🇺🇸 US Dollar (16,800 : 16,716) 🇪🇺 Euro (18,209 : 18,118) 🇨🇦 Canadian Dollar (12,031 : 11,971) 🇬🇧 British Pound (20,… https://t.co/vB0aT1fIkD
Turkish Lira added 1 tweet
2020-05-16 13:30:11 UTC
🇺🇸 US Dollar (16,802 : 16,718) 🇪🇺 Euro (18,200 : 18,109) 🇨🇦 Canadian Dollar (12,032 : 11,972) 🇬🇧 British Pound (20,… https://t.co/w2IUpZ0ZDH
Turkish Lira added 1 tweet
2020-05-16 13:29:42 UTC
The underperformance In EMs has been spectacular. Brazilian Real cheap, Turkish Lira Cheap & SA Rand cheap. A s… https://t.co/QVafEOVBLD
Turkish Lira added 1 tweet
2020-05-16 13:21:56 UTC
🇺🇸 US Dollar (17,270 : 17,170) 🇪🇺 Euro (18,690 : 18,540) 🇬🇧 British Pound (20,905 : 20,705) 🇨🇦 Canadian Dollar (12,… https://t.co/qEua2EkQFO

Turkish Lira Videos

Rising inflation and growing strains with overseas allies are spooking investors away from the local currency. The Turkish Lira ...
There seems to be no respite for the Turkish lira. It fell to another record low on Tuesday, trading at 4.45 against the US dollar.
The value of the Turkish lira is sinking fast against the US dollar. Foreign imports are more expensive, inflation is set to rise, ...
Despite Turkey's economic woes that include a sharp drop in the country's currency, the Turkish Lira, its tourism industry appears ...
Stephen Roach, former Morgan Stanley Asia chairman, discusses the impact on global markets of Turkey's currency crisis.
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Turbulent times for Turkey after its currency - the lira hit a record low against the dollar this month. It has recovered a bit since, but ...
The Turkish lira has hit a new record low, falling to just under 7.25 against the dollar on Thursday. It comes after Turkey's Finance ...
ISTANBUL (Reuters) - Turkish financial markets tumbled on Tuesday after the elections board ruled to scrap and re-run Istanbul ...

Turkish Lira News

UPDATE 3-Turkish lira slides 2%, airlines hit as coronavirus spreads

(Updates prices, banking sector data)

about 2 months indicative positive
Turkish lira trades weaker, touching August 2018 levels

The Turkish lira traded weaker against the dollar on Monday, hitting levels last seen in August 2018 as the spread of the coronavirus weighed on sentiment.

about 2 months indicative positive
Turkish lira falls as regulator intervenes

Turkey is limiting the amount of foreign currency local banks can swap for the lira as policy makers seek to reduce volatility in the battered currency. The Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency, or BDDK as it's known, will limit foreign exchange swaps, forwards and other derivatives with a maturity of seven days or less to a maximum of 10% of banks' equity, it said late on Wednesday. The regulator in September 2018 limited swaps on foreigners selling forex in exchange for lira at 25% of equity to prevent short selling. "This time the regulator looks like it's trying to prevent carry trades," said QNB Finansbank chief economist Erkin Isik. "The regulator may also want to prevent FX outflow and encourage banks to use the swap mechanism with the central bank." The lira reversed earlier gains and was down 0.2% against the dollar at 5.9380 at 11:25 a.m in Istanbul. The currency has lost 3.4% since the beginning of December, making it the worst-performing emerging market currency tracked by Bloomberg in the period. The move may also encourage banks to use local market short-term funding after money market rates declined to 11%, Isik said. The dollar/lira one-week implied yield fell as low as 7.2% from 10.4% at Wednesday's close. That's below the central bank's policy rate of 12%, making it cheaper for banks to borrow in lira in exchange for their forex holdings. The dollar/lira overnight forward implied yield also sank as low as 3.4% from 10.7% at close. Turkey's gross forex reserves fell to $79 billion as of Dec. 6., from $96 billion two years ago, according to central bank data. The bank opened a three-month swap auction for $1 billion on Thursday to encourage local banks to bring their foreign currencies.

14 days conditional negative
Turkey's lockdown rainbows have become another symbol of division

In a country highly polarised along political and religious lines the symbol has become another cultural battleground

10 days conditional positive
'Adapt or die': Turkey restaurants rise to coronavirus challenge

Istanbul’s restaurants, bars and cafes had just started to recover. Then COVID-19 hit them with a new setback.

about 3 hours conditional positive
Central and Eastern Europe: Monetary Policy is easing Covid-19 Capital Market Disruption

Central banks in Central and Eastern Europe have, in most cases, contained rises in debt-financing costs for governments that are spending heavily to counter the economic impact of the Covid-19 pandemic

about 3 hours conditional neutral

Turkish Lira Currency converter

Turkish Lira Exchange rates

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Beishan, People’s Republic of China.
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Binondo, Republic of the Philippines.
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26249 CNY to USD
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100000 LBP to PHP
Dubai, United Arab Emirates.