Trinidadian Dollar

Trinidadian Dollar

Trinidadian Dollar overview

The dollar (currency code TTD) is the currency of Trinidad and Tobago. It is normally abbreviated with the dollar sign $, or alternatively TT$ to distinguish it from other dollar-denominated currencies. It is subdivided into 100 cents. Its predecessor currencies are the Trinidadian dollar and the Tobagan dollar.

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Trinidadian Dollar news

Trini student in attempted plane theft was homesick, lawyer says

New claims have emerged that student pilot Nishal Sankat, who breached security at the Orlando Melbourne International Airport and caused a five-hour lockdown, never inte

7 days indicative neutral
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about 1 month indicative positive
Accused in murder of 13-y-o girl remanded

KINGSTON, Jamaica — The Trinidadian teacher who is accused of killing 13-year-old Shanoya W...

about 1 month subjunctive neutral
Car rental worker on alleged threats to Venezuelan woman: I was hacked

The owner of a South-based car rental company replied to claims that he allegedly tried to exploit and threaten a Venezuelan woman, saying his account was hacked. The

about 1 month conditional negative
Police to launch investigation after Trinidadian cries foul

IN the wake of reports that criminology professor Ramesh Deosaran was the victim of credi...

about 2 months conditional positive
LaRocque unaware of alleged inhumane treatment of Jamaican in Trinidad

ROSE HALL, St James — Caribbean Community (Caricom) Secretary General Irwin LaRocqu...

about 2 months subjunctive negative
Trinidadian man cries foul

A Trinidadian man is accusing staff at a popular hotel in Montego Bay, St James of fraud,...

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Trini woman who begged to be rescued from abusive relationship dies

Rachel Madoo, a Trinidadian woman whose letter for help went viral on social media, has died. The woman died at hospital on Thursday after she reportedly ing

about 2 months indicative negative
Man believed to be Trini among 2 held after skeletal remains found

A man believed to be Trinidadian is among two men who were taken into custody in relation to skeletal remains of a woman found on Whalley Close, Kingston 6 on Friday

about 2 months indicative positive

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