Ukrainian Hryvnia

Ukrainian Hryvnia

Ukrainian Hryvnia overview

The hryvnia, sometimes hryvnya (Ukrainian: гривня, pronounced [ˈɦrɪu̯nʲɑ], approximately h'reew-naw, abbr.: грн (hrn in the Latin alphabet)); sign: ₴, code: UAH), has been the national currency of Ukraine since 2 September 1996. The hryvnia is subdivided into 100 kopiyky. It is named after a measure of weight used in medieval Kievan Rus'.

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Ukrainian Hryvnia news

Sayenko Kharenko Advised The European Fund For Southeast Europe On EUR 10 Million Financing To Kredobank - Corporate/Commercial Law - Ukraine

Sayenko Kharenko has acted as Ukrainian legal counsel to the European Fund for Southeast Europe in connection with Ukrainian hryvnia financing equivalent to EUR 10 million to Public Joint Stock Company Kredobank ... Ukraine Corporate/Commercial Law Sayenko Kharenko 17 Sep 2018

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Ukraine experts warn about negative financial consequences of martial law

Many Ukrainian financial experts stepped forward this week to warn about the negative impact of the martial law that was introduced in ten ...

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Investors jittery after Ukraine's hryvnia falls below UAH27 to the dollar

Investors and bond traders were jittery after the first week of August when the hryvnia fell below the psychologically important UAH27 to the dollar ...

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Ukrainian currency plunges to new record low

Ukraine’s hryvnia has hit rock bottom, now 34 against the euro. This is the lowest point for the Ukrainian currency ever tracked.

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Ukrainian city of Dnipro among top 20 in 2018 Pollution Index Rate
Ukrainian city of Dnipro among top 20 in 2018 Pollution Index Rate

The Ukrainian city of Dnipro ranks 15th in the 2018 Pollution Index Rate. The capital city of Ukraine, Kyiv, is not among the 100 most polluted cities in the world.

2 months indicative positive
New world crisis to undermine Ukraine's market
New world crisis to undermine Ukraine's market

Interest rates on mortgages and consumer loans depend on such a high NBU rate, and many entrepreneurs are now worried about the future of their business

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