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The đồng (; Vietnamese: [ˀɗɜwŋ͡m˨˩]; sign: ₫; code: VND) has been the currency of Vietnam since May 3, 1978. Issued by the State Bank of Vietnam, it is represented by the symbol "₫". Formerly, it was subdivided into 10 hào, which were further subdivided into 10 xu, neither of which are now used. Since 2012 the use of coins has decreased greatly, and since 2014 coins are generally not accepted in retail, but will still be accepted in some, but not all, banks.

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Vietnam licenses new airline
Vietnam licenses new airline

Bamboo Airways, a unit of Vietnamese property developer FLC Group, has been licensed and expected to operate late this year.

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Kalispell native’s book about Vietnam seeks to promote healing

Stan Bain volunteered for dangerous duty repeatedly during his time in Vietnam. The Kalispell native twice joi

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A jackpot winner

For all of their lives, Ba and Bay, two young men of the same village, had only one dream: winning the national lottery jackpot. Within their budget, they tried to save money so that every three days they could buy a lottery ticket from a wandering vendor while having a few cups of coffee or tea at Miss Hau’s refreshment stall.

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Vietnamese Police Torch Farm Equipment of Dissident Religious Figure

Hua Phi, head of the Cao Dai faith in Lam Dong province, had traveled undetected to Saigon to meet with US diplomats.

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