Yemeni Rial

Yemeni Rial

Yemeni Rial overview

The rial or riyal is the currency of Yemen. It is technically divided into 100 fils, although coins denominated in fils have not been issued since Yemeni unification.

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Yemeni Rial news

What's in store for the Yemeni rial?

Government efforts are underway to speed up the rise of the currency considering the formidable economic and political challenges, but economists are showing cautious optimism towards this development.

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Yemen warring sides agree at start of talks to free thousands of prisoners

Yemen's warring sides agreed to free thousands of prisoners on Thursday, in what a U.N. mediator cal

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Yemen C.Bank takes steps to ease pressure on citizens amid currency crisis

ADEN: The Governor of the Central Bank of Yemen, Dr. Mohammed Mansour Zammam, said on Monday that a number of steps have been taken to ease pressure on currency markets and provide basic commodities to citizens at appropriate prices in different governorates. “The Saudi minister of finance approved 23 applications valued at over $62 million made by Yemeni commercial banks,”

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Protests erupt in Yemen as currency continues to slide | DW | 02.09.2018

Demonstrators have blocked main roads in several Yemeni cities in protest against a fall in the local currency and rise in food and fuel prices. Peace talks this week don't raise much hope of resolving the impasse.

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UNICEF Yemen Humanitarian Situation Report (October 2018) - Yemen

English Situation Report on Yemen about Contributions, Coordination, Children, IDPs, Epidemic and more; published on 31 Oct 2018 by UNICEF

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