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@MatiasArrSt All of us aren’t the face of a billion dollar international sports league tweeting tweeting stuff like…

Currency converter

Exchange rates

2000000 INR to GBP
Cheltenham, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.
1 USD to INR
Indore, Republic of India.
90 DOP to AUD
Waterbury, United States.
5000 AED to INR
Dubai, United Arab Emirates.
100 TWD to IDR
Bandung, Republic of Indonesia.
100 AMD to USD
Yerevan, Republic of Armenia.
1000 HKD to IDR
Central, Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.
100 SAR to PHP
Horseshoe, Republic of the Philippines.
50 GHS to EUR
Accra, Republic of Ghana.
1 USD to PKR
Islamabad, Islamic Republic of Pakistan.
1000 INR to AED
Jaipur, Republic of India.
2000 IDR to SGD
Jakarta, Republic of Indonesia.
100 OMR to BDT
Dhaka, Bangladesh.
1 USD to BDT
Chittagong, Bangladesh.
1 USD to BDT
Chittagong, Bangladesh.
195 USD to CNY
Baotou, People’s Republic of China.