Daisy Serrano added 1 tweet
2020-03-18 03:28:45 UTC
RT @MagikDylan: celebrities telling us to stay home piss me off, bitch I live in a 2 bedroom apartment not a million dollar house lmao this shit boring

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Exchange rates

1 USD to CNY
Wuhan, People’s Republic of China.
1000 INR to VND
Delhi, Republic of India.
1000 USD to VND
Delhi, Republic of India.
1000 USD to VND
New Delhi, Republic of India.
1 CNY to USD
Xiamen, People’s Republic of China.
200 KRW to IDR
Surabaya, Republic of Indonesia.
100 PHP to JPY
Caloocan, Republic of the Philippines.
159000 MYR to IDR
Banjarmasin, Republic of Indonesia.
1 IDR to THB
Jakarta, Republic of Indonesia.
1 KWD to PHP
Angeles City, Republic of the Philippines.
400 OMR to IDR
Santa Clara, United States.
2000000 INR to GBP
Bearsden, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.
1 JPY to CNY
Suzhou, People’s Republic of China.
1 AUD to USD
Lima, Republic of Peru.
100 JPY to PHP
Central, Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.
100000000 KRW to HKD
Sha Tin, Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.
100 KWD to INR
Bayān, State of Kuwait.
100 USD to CNY
Beijing, People’s Republic of China.
100 USD to BDT
Chittagong, Bangladesh.