ACX is ambitious, awesome, advanced and Australian. Since 2013, we've taken the complexity out of trading and owning digital currencies for everyone in Australian and beyond. Our goal at ACX is to provide the highest quality, zero fee, instant and simplified purchasing experience for customers looking to acquire Blockchain Backed assets, starting with Bitcoin. Operating the world's first Cryptocurrency Arbitrage Fund since 2013, on April 2016 we launched ACX. With our access to global liquidity pool and ability to market make, we have grown ACX into Australia's largest digital Currency exchange with the most liquidity and deepest orderbook. As a top 10 globally ranked exchange, ACX is a trusted party in the exchange ecosystem and your safest path to acquiring bitcoin. To ensure maximum agility and responsiveness to opportunities in the cryptocurrency exchange ecosystem, ACX is structured as a joint initiative among a group of leading companies in the Australian digital currency ecosystem.

Price chart for BTC/AUD at ACX

Disclamer: BTC/AUD price displayed here is aggregated from ACX API or third party services. Please only use it for guidance and BTC/AUD's bid/ask price at ACX may vary a lot from the dollar amount shown above.

ACX fees

No trading fee

No trading fee is charged for using our platform.
1% Withdrawal fee

We only charge 1% fee when you withdraw fiat currency.
Miner fee

There will be Miner’s fee rate which is set by you. You can adjust how much miners fee to pay according to current bitcoin network condition. This will only impact on how fast the confirmation of your transaction.

Disclamer: ACX fees schedule displayed here are aggregated from ACX API or third party services. Please only use it for guidance and questions like what are the trading fees to buy BTC at ACX or how much is the trading fees to sell BTC at ACX should refer to the FAQs sections below.

FAQs about buying or selling at ACX

What's ACX?

ACX is a currency exchange that can be used to exchange (buy and sell) local currencies into a traded currency offered by ACX.

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Aconex Limited (ACX) Is Yet to See Trading Action on May 15
Aconex Limited (ACX) Is Yet to See Trading Action on May 15

Shares of Aconex Limited (ASX:ACX) closed at 7.79 yesterday. Aconex Limited currently has a total float of 200.64M shares and on average sees 901,077 shares

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21.9 Million
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ACX reviews

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